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In God we trust; all others must bring data

At Lighthouse8 we’re all about the numbers. The increasing power and decreasing cost of technology combined with the advent and adoption of digital data has altered the research and customer information model. Cheaper storage and more powerful processors means data from a firm’s enterprise system can now be crunched on-demand in a matter of minutes. Consumer behaviour can now be tracked and monitored through their interactions and e-commerce purchases online. The rise of social networks and constant network access via mobile devices lead to an explosion of user-generated content and a way for firms to measure consumer sentiment.

The challenge has shifted from obtaining data sources to figuring out what to do with the terabytes of data a firm already has at its disposal. At Lighthouse8 we use industry-leading analytics technology to make sure you always get the right return on every dollar spent on marketing. The experience we’ve had with previous clients is that they typically burn significant capital on advertising that fails to yield significant results while promoting products which fail to achieve profitability. In partnering with some of the world’s best tracking technology companies, we’ve built in-depth business analytics solutions which will completely change the way businesses are managed and marketed.

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Partnering with the industry's best technology to analyse, report and activate business needs

Facebook, Microsoft & Google’s Partner programs are designed to help businesses find a trusted technology company to assist them with their business needs. A Partner logo represents the endorsement of our extensive experience and expertise that achieving Partner status requires. Achieving Partner status requires advanced knowledge certifications, a track record of high-quality results, and a healthy amount of activity across the company’s managed accounts.

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  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Google Analytics 360 Suite
  • DoubleClick

What we do

We identify and measure what's driving your business

Successful conversion tracking needs to identify and measure every single step of the customer journey and find out how these “micro-moments” ultimately drive sales. Our tech team specialise in translating vast amounts of data to user-friendly dashboards that can be utilised by all levels of the organisation.


It’s important to establish what makes your product or service unique. Understanding what your competitors compete on, their position and how they track in the market can give you valuable insights into shaping your sales messaging and your marketing strategy.


By using the latest social monitoring tools ,  you can monitor how your brand and products are perceived in social media. The market leaders often spend a lot of money mapping out the social media strategy that works. Utilising the right technologies, you could benefit from their investments.