Companies with insight perform better


Are you ready for the Petabyte scale data explosion?
The volume of data being created is exploding and more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Self-service data preparation tools are booming in popularity. This is in part due to the shift toward business-user-generated data discovery tools that reduce time to analyse data. Business users also want to be able to reduce the time and complexity of preparing data for analysis, something that is especially important in the world of digital marketing when dealing with a variety of data types and formats.
At the rate at which data and our ability to analyse it is growing, businesses of all sizes — large and small — will be using some form of data analytics to impact the performance of their business. To benefit from market data, businesses need several things; storage and processing power, as well as strong analytics capabilities and skills.

Using the latest in data mining and knowledge discovery technology, we’re digging through and analysing enormous sets of data and then extracting the meaning of this data. This makes us able to predict behaviours and future trends, allowing your business to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. Thanks to a combination of expertise, insight and marketing robots, business questions that traditionally were too time consuming to resolve, are now a keystroke away. Scouring databases for hidden patterns, finding predictive information that experts may miss because it lies outside their expectations is often what it takes to stand out in today’s marketplace.

In combination with programmatic buying this allows brands to use audience insights and technology to tailor messages to the right person, at the right moment, in the right context. It helps your business respond to real-time signals on an impression-by-impression basis across all screens and channels.

The devil is in the data

Lighthouse8 was founded to disrupt the consultancy and agency industries, that is, to make technology and data the heart of business decisions

Unstructured data, much of it generated by machines, accounts for more than 90% of the data in today’s organisations. lighthouse8 focuses specifically on the challenges and opportunities of effectively managing this type of data, helping organisations unlock the largely untapped value hidden within.

  • Trend analysis
  • Customer targeting and retargeting
  • Data mining
  • Data automation

What we do

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data

We help you collect and index data whether it’s generated by IT systems,  digital marketing campaigns, competitor monitoring or social media.


By analysing all relevant sets of data and then extracting the meaning of the data, we can predict behaviours and future trends, allowing you to make proactive, knowledge-driven business decisions.


Armed with one of the smartest marketing automation robots in the world (K8) we can monitor websites, analyse vast amounts of data, and adapt your marketing campaigns to any changes in the market within a fraction of a second.