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The University of Sydney, founded in 1850, is Australia’s first university and it is among the top one percent of research and teaching universities worldwide. The university consist of 16 faculties, through which it offers bachelor, master, MBA and doctoral degrees.

Leadership is a core value for the university and they are believing in the power of education to inspire positive change. By educating and by equipping their students with leadership qualities, The University of Sydney aims to improve lives and change society for the better.

Throughout their history, the university has been known for thinking forward and challenging the status quo. The University of Sydney was one of the first universities in the world to admit students exclusively on academic merit and one of the first to admit female students on the same basis as men.

The university was built on one founding principle; that it should be a modern and progressive institution. The University of Sydney has throughout time been serving as a role model for other universities worldwide with their new ways of thinking. University of Sydney has been challenging traditions for more than 160 years and they are not planning to stop now. To be a modern and progressive institution is an ideal the university still holds dearly today.


2016 saw lighthouse8 partner with the University of Sydney, one of Australia’s most prestigious universities. The challenge was to generate registrations for information events in international markets with low levels of brand exposure, which the University had not historically targeted.

A multi-phase campaign was developed, designed to leverage the relative advantages of various search, display and social media channels. The perfect mix and balance was going to be critical to successfully moving users from a low base of awareness, through storytelling and ultimately, to registration.

Multiple artwork types were tested, as well as different messaging and ad copy compositions. English and local language keywords were trialled, with telling metrics showing up for each market at each stage of the funnel.

All in all, event registration targets were exceeded by 140%, with digital activity generating 61% of total registrations. To achieve these results, brand exposure was successfully boosted and interest garnered, evident in the high levels of traffic to the website and engagement with ads. All of this was reached at an incredibly low CPC.

The higher education industry in Australia has never been more competitive, both domestically and in the lucrative international market. Nevertheless, our partnership with the University of Sydney proved that strong planning combined with precise measurement and agile responses can withstand even the strongest competition.

Progressive thinking, breaking with convention, challenging the status quo and improving the world around us are in our DNA.



Digital Strategy & Activation