Food with purpose

SumoSalad all started when Co-Founders Luke Baylis and James Miller headed off on an American adventure in their early 20’s. After quite a few too many super-sized feasts, the boys were hurtling down a greasy slope to super-sizing themselves. They loved the big portions but wanted something healthy too.

Landing back on Aussie soil with excess baggage to shed, they knew they needed to lead the change. Epic, Sumo-sized portions of healthy, wholesome fast food, with a big taste to match. The first SumoSalad store was born in Sydney, 2003 and people went nuts (and grains) for it.

Over 100 stores later and with international locations in New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South America, and the USA, SumoSalad is disrupting the fast food industry leaving tomatoes, lettuce leaves and cucumbers all over the place!

SumoSalad is delicious fast food that fuels your body with real purpose, not crap.


When starting our work for Sumo Salad back in 2015 our goal was to develop the ‘next-generation’ multichannel campaign  that combined electronic outreach with a point of sale conversion funnel. The strategy was designed around raising awareness and generating leads for their new product range.

Mobile Strategy

Using an advanced location targeting system, we’re reaching the Sumo Salad customers where they are and where the business can serve them, everything nicely timed around core business hours. Connecting the online ads with the point of sales system using unique redemption codes, we can measure the true effect of the mobile campaign.


Through developing advanced remarketing scripts we can target the messaging and continue developing a rewards program that hinges on targeted offers for driving frequency and discounts based on previous purchases instead of just relying on broad-appeal coupons.


We’re all about partnering with people, suppliers & customers who share our beliefs and passion for quality and making a positive impact.



Key services utilised when working with SumoSalad