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Singapore Post (SingPost) is the leading provider of mail, logistics and eCommerce solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, with operations in more than 10 countries.

As Singapore’s national postal service provider, SingPost offers trusted communications through domestic and international postal services as well as end-to-end integrated mail solutions covering secure data printing, letter-shopping, delivery and mailroom management, among others. For over 150 years, SingPost has been delivering a trusted and reliable service to citizens, residents, corporations and businesses in Singapore.

As part of its transformation, SingPost has been steadily expanding beyond Singapore, leveraging its regional platform Quantium Solutions and other subsidiaries and partners. With its regional network and infrastructure, SingPost now offers a fully integrated ecommerce logistics solutions covering the four areas of freight, customs & regulations management, warehousing & fulfilment, last mile delivery & returns as well as ecommerce web services, to its customers.

SingPost won the World Mail Award for ecommerce in June 2014 and was ranked the top postal agency in the world in an Accenture report. SingPost also gained international acclaim when it was bestowed the Service Provider of the Year 2012 award by Postal Technology International. SingPost is the only company to win to the Universal Postal Union’s EMS Cooperative award for its Speedpost courier service every year since 2001.

Working with Singapore Post since 2014, our main responsibility has been in developing & assisting their SEO/Content marketing strategy to increase relevant traffic and visibility of their digital marketing and eCommerce solutions.


The growth in social media consumption in APAC has resulted in a Social Commerce boom. The best practices needed for a good social media strategy is evident in Southeast Asia as brands can engage with their customers in real-time. Our work for Singapore Post has focused on best practices for Social Commerce & mCommerce strategies that retailers can adopt when interacting with consumers across different regions in Asia Pacific.

Search Engine Optimisation

Trends of rising internet usage from mobile and increased social media traffic on sites such as Facebook and China’s Weibo present an opportunity to increase a business’ website traffic. By focusing on the development of unique, easy to use and shareable content Singapore Post can appear in more search engine results and ranked higher. Similar to Amazon, SingPost has undertaken unique content from user reviews, long product descriptions and updating content to build their strength and be successful across all search engines. Unique content also needs to target certain key phrases to ensure the search engines relate this content back to a search term.

Content Marketing

For a successful overarching content strategy, produced content must be consistent with the targeted keywords that have driven traffic to the businesses’ site or specific webpages. The provision of unique content increases customer engagement, as customers will often linger on sites that provide more specialised content that they cannot find elsewhere.

Singapore Post has seen a massive growth in organic traffic as a result of a targeted search & content marketing strategy.



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