The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is the principal industry body for information-based marketing and advertising. Being the largest marketing and advertising association in Australia, ADMA has over 600 corporate members. ADMA is also the ultimate authority and go-to resource for creative and effective data-driven marketing across all channels and platforms, providing insight, ideas and innovation to advance responsible and enlightened marketing.

New channels & technology

The marketing industry has faced unprecedented change over the past few years as new channels, new technology, new consumer models have accelerated. It is now moving faster than the speed of light. ADMA exists to help members navigate the rough terrain of this change. ADMA support their members with advocacy to Government and regulators,  provide 24/7 opportunities for education, host events and awards, and help marketers understand and apply codes of practice to help them comply. Further, they are a rich source of online and offline tools and resources to help marketers be better marketers now and into the future.

Industry events

ADMA hosts some of Australia’s most innovative industry event, including the ADMA Global Forum, ADMA tech mix, ADMA innovation zone and the Guru Breakfast Series.


Lighthouse8 was engaged to put in place a program and a set of processes to attract, track, and engage the ADMA audience.

ADMA had previously been focusing on their memberships, events and courses to drive business and educate their audience.
By shifting to a content driven business, ADMA looks to become the authority in the data driven marketing space, attract new prospects, educate existing customers and provide value to their members. The effectiveness of this is undertaken by tracking all content touch points and the market segmentation of all users through a variety of content/audience buckets. This enables the marketing team to now understand the areas of interest and level of engagement of their users.

Engaging the audience
Audience segmentation that has been captured then allows the ADMA team to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time in their decision process. The flexible and dynamic audience segments drive the content that users see on-site as well as the up-sell/cross-sell on-site promotions and eDM content received in newsletters.

Converting the audience
Along with their level of expertise, ADMA are now able to use their new understanding of what content areas the users are interested in to efficiently move users down their purchase funnel by offering them the right events and courses that match their skill level and interests. At each stage the user is offered new promotions and content that is personalised to their interests and engagements.

Tracking & Analytics
Users are tracked via a number of programs and once engaged from newsletter sign-up through to annual membership the users are tracked and monitored through SalesForce CRM.

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