Here are the latest updates to Pharos from September.

🔦 Google Analytics 4

Your website is at the center of your digital marketing, and knowing as much as possible about how users interact with it is important.

Google Analytics has been at the center of this since its launch over a decade ago, now it’s time to move on. On July 1, 2023 Google will no longer be processing new data in Universal Analytics (the one you’re using now).

The new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers a lot of new functionality, but also complexity and a new User Interface.

You can now add Google Analytics 4 as a resource to your Pharos organisation. With this change, we’ve also added a whole new report to get the most out of the new data. The new Website Analytics report helps you navigate the new data in a clean and simple interface.

To start we provide you with two distinct reports Acquisition and Pages, helping you answer the questions “How are users getting to my website?” and “What are they doing after they arrive?”.

In Acquisition, you have a greater choice on what data you want to explore. For example, you can break down data on the device that the user used to visit your website, the city they were in, or what channel they came from. Use two dimensions to get even more insight.

With Pages, you get a full overview of data related to individual pages, and the ability to tag pages. Using tags you can group pages together based on your needs. These can be pages that are being worked on to improve traffic, pages that revolve around the same topic, have a converting focus, or pages that can be ignored when analysing the data.

On both reports you can select a table row and highlight it the graph.

Tip! Click on a URL in the Pages table to be taken directly to acquisition view for that page, for more data about visits to that page.

Over the next months, we’ll transition the parts of the system that is dependent on Universal Analytics over to GA4, and release new functionality that will enhance your understanding of your marketing initiatives.

Need help getting started with Google Analytics 4 on your website? Let us know and we’ll discuss how you move forward.

📶 Page Score

Deep down we all know that some pages are more valuable than others, but until now it has been up to subjective analysis to determine the rank.

Starting in Page Insight, we’ve implemented an algorithmic approach to ranking pages in relation to each other. The algorithm takes into account the number of users that have visited a certain page, exposure and engagement from paid and organic search results, and the links to the page.

The weighting and input of the algorithm is subject to change, but will already confirm or disprove some of your convictions.

🔗 Sharable reports

Sharing reports are now easier with our new “Share report” feature. If you’ve drilled down into the performance of a specific campaign and want to highlight this to a co-worker, you can now copy a URL that will direct them to the same numbers you are watching.

👁 Xandr

Running display campaigns through Xandr? You now get Campaign performance straight in Marketing Performance.

🗳 Minor noteworthy changes

  • Date presets for the last 7, 30, 60 and 90 days, and this month can now be compared to the same period a year ago.
  • Improvements to the History tab in Page Insight should improve the way we pick up changes on a page.
  • Break down charts on weekdays (Click on Options in a chart and select Weekday in the Date range breakdown)
  • Bulk tagging of rows in the Marketing Performance view is now available.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also start sorting website-related recommendations based on the Page Score, helping you prioritize tasks quicker.

🔜 What’s next?

Moving forward we’re focusing on releasing the following updates:

📊 Google Analytics 4 Conversions

We’re working on giving you more insight into the key interactions a user might take on your website.

📄 Written reports

Sometimes a graph and a table isn’t the right tool to convey the story you want to tell. In an upcoming release, Pharos will enable you to analyse and share your findings in more details with written reports.

👾 New data sources

We’re continuously looking for ways to bring more data into Pharos to explain what, why and when something happened. New data sources are in the pipeline for the winter.

🧰 Updating existing features

Refining existing features and adding new functionalities and datapoints are on our list for the future.

🤐 A lot of new and interesting features

On a whiteboard in our office, we have drawings of new and useful features helping you do more with your data. We’ll share more when they are turned into bits and bytes.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or want a demo of functionality in Pharos feel free to reach out to us!

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