Summer’s over and we’ve been hard at work designing, implementing and refining features in Pharos. Here are some of the notable changes that have been made available to you.

📝 Content Lab

Last week we released our new content production tool to all users. With Content Lab we help you get started with your next piece of website content or social media post.

To get started, you provide a theme and language for the article you want to produce. We currently support 10 languages. If you’re missing a language, let us know.

With your input we use Kate’s new AI powered content feature to generate different headlines for your article in seconds!

In the example above we’ve specified that we want to produce an article about “outdoor lighting” in English with American spelling.

We’re presented with 20 headlines for us to choose from, and since the topic is quite broad we get a wide variety of topics. We can now decide based on the headline which type of article we want to write. If the topic was more specific, Kate would be more particular with the type of headline she’d suggest.

In the scenario that you have a specific headline in mind, you can click “use your own title” below Kate’ suggestions and enter it. You can also edit Kate’s suggestion by clicking on the text.

After you’ve selected a headline, the button “Generate outline” will glow up and be ready to be clicked. By clicking it you’re instructing Kate to take the information you’ve provided (language, theme and headline) and generate an outline for the article. Within seconds you’ll have the structure of the article ready.

In our example, we’ve used the headline “More Than Meets the Eye: The Benefits of Appropriate Outdoor Lighting” to generate the outline which looked like this:

We can now start to flesh out the article based on the structure Kate has provided, or if we’re still a bit unsure on where to start, we can click “Generate article” and Kate will try get us started with a few paragraphs.

In this case we’ve gone from one topic to 1369 characters of content within four clicks! If we want further help to write our article we can click “Generate Questions” on the right of the input field, and Kate will generate questions that we might want to answer in the article.

We highly recommend that you read through and provide a human touch to the article before publishing it.

When you’re done editing your article you can click the “Improve article”-button and Kate will try to help you fix grammatical mistakes or simplify the language.

Lastly, when the article is done you can click “Create summary” and you’ll get a short summary of the text.

Congrats, you just saved a few hours!

📱Content Lab for Social Media

We also use the same AI to build a “Social Media post” functionality that will help you craft posts. You provide the language, the platform, the tone of the content, the theme and factual statements of what you want to promote, and Kate will help your create the actual post.

The additional parameters help provide context about the theme, so try using factual statements that Kate can use to understand as much as possible.

📊 Redesigned Marketing Performance

Over the last couple of months we’ve been redesigning the Marketing Performance report to give more information and better visuals of all your paid marketing activities.

Here are some of the new functionalities we’ve added:

  • You can now see the performance from the account level and down to a specific ad.
  • Rich previews of ads from Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook with more formats being added continuously.
  • Chart Options, choose how to present the data. Broken down into days, weeks and months. Stacked or unstacked. As a bar or line chart.

🗳 Minor noteworthy changes

  • Page filters have been moved from the side panel to be ever present.
  • Options to have better contrasts on charts with patterns rather than just colors.
  • Organisations can now set a custom dashboard as their standard dashboard.
  • Week numbers in the date picker, that also act like a button to select that week.
  • New recommendations on word count.
  • And a whole bunch of improvements to fix bugs and make the app run better.

🔜 What’s next?

Moving forward we’re focusing on releasing the following updates:

📊 Google Analytics 4 + Website Analytics

Google have started sunsetting Universal Analytics, also known as Google Analytics, after 16 years of service. We’ve started work on integrating new Google Analytics 4 to Pharos, which will help us develop new and exciting features. We’ll introduce a new Website Analytics view to help get the most out of the new data.

📄 Page Score

We’ve started work on an algorithmic approach to help you prioritise pages that need improvement and to highlight which pages are your most important ones.

🛍 Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are important to our e-commerce users, and we’ve started work on adding this to the Marketing Performance report.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or want a demo of functionality in Pharos feel free to reach out to us!

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