Nordea Finance signs 2 year agreement with Lighthouse8

by Joakim Wergeland

Nordea Finance is Europe’s 5th largest finance company and have been one of the pioneers in establishing financial services in the Nordic region. Today they’re the leading financial institution in all four Nordic countries.

We’re happy to announce that we have just signed a 2 year agreement with Nordea Finance.

Implementing the Pharos technology to monitor the market and automate their sales & marketing, we will be able to collect, analyze and automate data in a way that is unprecedented in the banking industry.  

If we want to make a real difference – and we do – we need to listen carefully to our customers, employees, partners and the world around us. We need to create space to grow, take ownership and learn new ways of working. It requires on us all to think, act and connect differently.
Frank Vang-Jensen
Group CEO

We are really looking forward to learning and growing together with the Nordea Finance team! 

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