K8 Works 24/7 and Never Calls in Sick

by Freddy Aursø

Action is the real measure of intelligence

Brilliant, hard-working machines require performance reviews every bit as much as humans. Effective executives understand the productivity and digital marketing future depends as much on motivating and managing their machines as it does on inspiring their people. The natural extension of longstanding historical progress is ‘automation,’ not a re-creation of the human mind and condition. The same leadership, managerial, and motivational questions that are applied to smart human organisations should apply to your new digital employees!

Delivering efficiency, effectively and at scale

Apple may have Siri and Amazon have their Kiva robots, but we have K8! Powered by our Ignite and Illume technologies, K8 is the secret sauce to some of our best performing media campaigns. Working together with our talented media team, she monitors websites, analyses vast amounts of data, and adapts marketing campaigns to any changes in the market. All of this is done within a fraction of a second.

Technological advantages

K8 is over 220,000x faster than the average marketing employee.

K8’s technology uses data provided by Lighthouse8’s clients, as well as a myriad of external sources, to execute optimal ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. With K8, we have  automated several of the functions traditionally performed by digital marketing agencies, including campaign monitoring, analysis, optimisation, testing and reporting.

Employee of the year, every year

K8 might not work without WiFi or 4G, but she works 24/7. She never calls in sick and she’s faster than the speed of light.

Automated reporting

No more aggregating data. Simply connect your accounts, and K8 will automate your reporting and delivery. We customise business analytics for all levels of the organisation.

Automated campaign management

What if you could monitor your competitors’ websites and social media channels and use this data to adapt your marketing campaigns in real time? What if you could build more than 500,000 unique ads with a life span of only 24hrs to cover every possible search query in Google? K8 can.

Social media automation

Most companies use social monitoring tools to gain insight and intelligence on how their brand and products are perceived on social media. But, action is the real measure of intelligence. In addition to monitoring social media, K8 can use this data to automate your social media messaging and campaigns.

Unless you’re willing to pay someone to manage your campaigns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, maybe you should consider hiring K8? Follow K8 on Twitter to learn more about a day in the life of a marketing robot.

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