by Freddy Aursø

How old is K8?

K8 was initially set up in 2011 with PHP as the base programming language. Once we started exploring more advanced methods, we switched to Python which is now the base language for all Lighthouse8 developments. Python provides several benefits including simplicity, the capability of interacting with most third-party languages and platforms and data handling capacity. The platform also provides an extensive selection of libraries and frameworks, specifically when it comes to AI.

What makes K8 AI?

We refer to the K8 technology as an AI method, where the software is responsible for automating a large portion of our customer’s digital marketing and improving their results using machine learning. Currently, K8 is a stack of software modules that work over 220,000x faster than humans to reach goals. This includes streamlined and more effective campaigns, conducting competitor monitoring and providing data insights behalf of our clients.

How does K8 work?

To reach our client’s goals we use a variety of methods including human guidance and machine learning. Some of our optimisation features, such as ad testing (or trend spotting) use advanced machine learning methods to achieve our goal of reaching the most optimal ad parameter combinations for that specific target audience/keyword set by continuously testing ad variations. Other features, such as budget adjustment, where we perform data analysis, decision making, monitoring and control use basic machine learning methods to reach our goal of predicting the most optimal budget per day for the coming week. We use automation to actually set these budgets per day across the various marketing channels. 

Does K8 plug into Google AdWords?

We’re currently using a direct connection to all third-party providers via their official APIs – e.g. Google Analytics API, Google Ads API, Twitter Ads API and Facebook Marketing API.

What languages can K8 speak?

K8 speaks over about 103+ languages (both human and computer) and is always looking for opportunities to learn new ones. Chances are that if you are targeting audiences across the globe, K8 will be able to speak to them. 

Where does K8 live?

K8 is hosted in the DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure using data centres across Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore. As our client needs change, the server adapts to where it can best perform.

How are the expected results from K8 forecasted and guaranteed?

Using computer modelling and prior experience across many industries, we can set an expectation of results for each client. While these estimates are based on advanced technology insights and data experience, there are still unknown factors out of our control (i.e. competition, market changes) to guarantee the outcome. Overall, K8 is able to demonstrate a considerable positive impact on the ROI.

Does K8 provide campaign analysis?

As a data-centric piece of technology, K8 is continuously learning using insights derived from client campaigns. These insights are automatically displayed on a customer intelligence dashboard for reporting and delivery. They are also fed back into the system for conversion rate optimisation.

What does Lighthouse8 provide?

In addition to the K8 technology, Lighthouse8 assigns a dedicated human team to each client for digital transformation, business intelligence, reporting and account management. These are all included as part of the ongoing monthly service fee. The team is also responsible for working with the client to develop a strategy that meets their business KPIs.

What can’t K8 or Lighthouse8 do?

While our insights can provide the basis for optimisation work, we do not provide web design, hosting or content creation services. All content and creatives are provided by the client to Lighthouse8 during the campaign set up. Recommendations for new creatives and optimisations are offered by the Lighthouse8 team based on best performing content.

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