Lighthouse8 named Gazelle Company for the third consecutive year!

by Freddy Aursø

Lighthouse8 - Top 1% growth company of 2021

Author and economist David Birch developed the idea of gazelle companies back in 1987. Birch classified companies as Elephants (fortune 500), Mice (main street) and Gazelles. Gazelles are high-growth companies that have managed to maintain a very high revenue growth over a longer period of time. At the 2019 Norwegian Gazelle Awards, Lighthouse8 joined this exclusive club that places us among the top 1% growth companies in the European market. This year we have been named a Gazelle company for the third consecutive year!

4% of all companies account for 70% of new jobs

The number of job opportunities at Gazelle companies far exceeds that of the Fortune 500 Elephants (large enterprises). SME Gazelle companies are the biggest creators of new jobs in the economy. It is estimated that Gazelles comprised only 4% of all companies, but accounted for 70% of all new jobs.

I love everything about this award but they need to work on the name. You can win a "Lion" in Cannes for the best media campaign, but only a "Gazelle" for disrupting the entire media industry.
Freddy Aursø

Apple, Amazon and Lighthouse8

Being a gazelle puts us in good company. Household names like Apple, Dell, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google were all gazelle companies when they started out. As we grow, we will continue to nurture our workforce and really invest in our people. Staff turnover is already very low and we believe this is linked to people feeling that we’re all a part of a very unique journey at Lighthouse8.

Lighthouse8 Gaselle Diplom 2021

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