This week we’ve opened more than 20 new offices

by Freddy Aursø

Lighthouse8 is tackling Covid-19 head on

As the World Health Organisation announce that Covid-19 is officially considered a pandemic and the Norwegian and British authorities are tightening their restrictions, Lighthouse8’s headquarters in Trondheim, as well as the Oslo and London offices, are taking immediate action.

What impact is Covid-19 having?

Covid-19 is and will continue to affect hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The virus was discovered less than two months ago, and the experts are just starting to discover it’s impact on health and the global economy. China and Italy have placed huge sanctions on their nations to try and reduce and eliminate the effects of the virus, and China is indeed now seeing a drop in the number of cases. Many other countries are following their example, closing borders to incoming flights from affected nations, as well as shutting schools, public offices and cancelling public events.

Home Office Policy

This week, Lighthouse8 opened over 20 new offices by implementing a home office policy for the foreseeable future. We’re fortunate enough to work in technology, and location doesn’t impact what we do. We can work from anywhere with just a laptop and Wi-Fi. While our headquarters and regional offices remain open, we’ve implemented the home office policy to avoid commuter transport, and the risk of either being exposed to or potentially transmitting Covid-19. All our meetings are now scheduled through video chat and our communication lines remain open through several other channels.

If you have the opportunity to let your employees work from home, why not do the responsible thing and take it. We encourage other businesses to act responsibly, heed the advice from local and national health organisations and take action where possible, as early as possible.

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