The demand for senior level marketing talent with big data and strategy experience has increased exponentially in a very short time. Increasingly we’re seeing this trend in industry news and when blue chip companies are searching for new talent. Your future CMO will more likely come from big data than from the more traditional advertising background. Big data is the future of marketing. “It may surprise some of you that nearly 50% of searches we conducted in the past nine months have been senior level appointments in insights and analytics for major organizations.” says Carlos f. Cata, partner of Heidrick & Struggles, Chicago.

The increasing power and decreasing cost of technology combined with the advent and adoption of digital data has altered the research and customer information model. Cheaper storage and more powerful processors means data from a firm’s enterprise system can now be crunched on-demand, in a matter of minutes. Consumer behavior can now be tracked and monitored through their interactions and e-commerce purchases online. The rise of social networks and constant network access via mobile devices leads to an explosion of user-generated content and a way for firms to measure consumer sentiment. The challenge very rapidly shifted from obtaining data sources to figuring out what to do with the terabytes of data a firm already has at its disposal.

While organizations have had statistical and analytical resources in the past, there is a heightened need for strategic and marketing savvy leaders that can translate models, approaches and customer information management strategies into ‘English’ for senior management.

Moreover, firms need leaders who are able to build this capability in-house and have had previous experience doing so. These executive level decision makers are expected to translate the analysis and insight from their teams into operational strategy for the firm. With such a strategic emphasis placed on the role of big data in a firm’s strategy, it’s only a matter of time before individuals with the appropriate experience are recruited or promoted into the C-level of the management.

Source; “Why your next CMO will come from big data”

Lighthouse8, Business Engineering