The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

by Freddy Aursø

Digital transformation is a process which requires several steps for success, each needing a different skill set. To fully address this, the Lighthouse8 team has acquired a broad range of experience across various areas of marketing automation. This includes marketing professionals, analysts, developers and our robot Kate (K8). With our experience and technology, our clients don’t need to hire a big team to achieve successful digital transformation.  

Finding the right audience

A digital transformation process at Lighthouse8 starts with the joint efforts of our Business Intelligence team and our Marketing Consultants. Through collecting and analysing internal and third-party data they are able to identify and understand the client’s existing customers as well as potential new target audiences.

Knowing who we need to reach and what triggers their engagement is the foundation of our digitalisation and targeting strategy, where we dive deep into needs, intentions, the customer journey, media choices and more.

Where business and customer intentions meet

Once the target audience is identified, we want to provide the best possible customer experience. This is achieved where business and customer intentions meet for the best possible Return On Investment.

We provide the best user experience for the customer and give our clients the best results through the use of specific targeting and campaign management strategies. With the help of our own marketing technology, K8, we provide our clients with higher performance at a lower cost. The strategies and technologies usually vary from client to client, however, some of the areas we have seen the best results through focusing on customer intentions are:

Making more informed decisions

With several digital touchpoints along the one customer journey, it can be hard to keep track. Our Business Intelligence team lets you get control of this matter. Each step is tracked and value is attributed across multi-screen and multi-channel shopping experiences to provide a full analysis of the path to purchase. With detailed information on the process and the contribution of each device or channel, we are able to make better informed decisions on where the budget is best spent.

Not only is attribution important in informing your marketing decisions, it’s a matter of maintaining an overall audience focus rather than a narrow channel or campaign focus.

AI + BI = CI

presenting k8 in a meeting

Lighthouse8’s Consultants have spent years gaining the experience and knowledge required to help your brand perform better. While their roles are diverse, in contrast to creative agencies, our recommendations are based upon data rather than opinions.

Data analysis to provide you with the best possible recommendations is a vital part of our day in the office. Yet, this takes a lot of time, and is one of the main reasons for the Lighthouse8 approach. We engineer solutions for Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence that take the guesswork out of achieving Customer Acquisition.

“When Artificial Intelligence meets Business Intelligence, we achieve Customer Intelligence.”

We are investing further into AI and BI to automate the data processes our consultants have traditionally performed manually. K8 works 220,000 times faster than the average person, allowing our consultants to provide you with even more valuable insights and optimise your campaigns for even better performance.

Extraordinary results

Digital transformation is a process that requires the right skill set, access to technology, time and money. Time and time again, the investment into these three has demonstrated extraordinary results for our clients. We let the numbers speak for themselves with an average conversion increase of 20-30% across paid campaigns and an 8-12% lower media spend against comparative periods.


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