How to Make Your Marketing More Responsive

by Freddy Aursø

The first electronic computer was developed in 1946, allowing humans to significantly condense the amount of time traditionally spent on calculations – reducing 2400 hours down to just one. This technological breakthrough demonstrated an opportunity for humans to utilise digital technology to reduce their workload while accelerating output.

Fast forward 70+ years later to the most technologically advanced age yet, where you have access to more than just a single machine to help. Technological capacity is beyond what was imaginable in the late 1940s and tools are constantly evolving to keep up with the pace of the industry. 

In late 2019, Gartner identified four emerging trends expected to change the way in which professionals dealt with their marketing technology stacks. They included Artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing, Customer data platforms (CDPs), Blockchain and Real-time marketing (RTM). Of these trends, the most disruptive to marketing activities is expected to be the last one, RTM.

Essentially, this means speed and efficiency market changes are becoming the biggest determinants of success. In an age of low attention spans and on-demand expectations, brands need to cut through the noise and remain agile in their messaging. However, to prepare for this, they will need to harness four particular RTM capabilities, collectively referred to as the 4Ds;

1. Detection 

Increased accessibility and a preference for on-demand information means that your customers expectations are higher than ever. Our K8 technology is alert 24/7, constantly looking for opportunities where digital performance is lacking and where further growth can be realised.

2. Data 

Current business intelligence capabilities also allow for K8 to scan large data sets and extract and analyse campaign activity for meaning. Without this information, there is no starting point from which decision-making can occur. 

3. Decision 

As soon as performance optimisation opportunities are detected, decision management must be timely and coordinated with the organisation’s overall end goals in mind. 

4. Delivery 

In a tightly contested market, the ability to apply campaign changes in real-time can be a key differentiator between you and the competition. The introduction of K8’s robot process automation (RPA) automatically manages the campaign and delivery, ensuring ads are front and centre when customers come looking for products.

With this knowledge, it’s up to your business to ensure it possesses both the tools and human capital proficiency to implement real-time marketing efforts. As it becomes less acceptable to leave all activity up to humans alone, a digital transformation partner can help facilitate and draw results from this transition. We have come far from that initial room-sized computer with a singular function, it’s about time we also let our output reflect that.

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