How K8 creates time for our Lightkeepers

by Freddy Aursø

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur and motivator

Simply put, this means that in a fast-paced world where an individual’s role can involve multiple ongoing responsibilities, their most valuable resource is also the most finite commodity.

To assist with managing time effectively, Lighthouse8’s very own Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based technology, K8, works 24/7 and faster than the speed of light! A key player in the team, she can monitor websites, automate campaign optimisations and analyse vast amounts of data to allow for real-time reporting, all while adjusting to any external changes in the market.

For recruiters, K8 can assist with the acquisition of new staff by screening resumes and identifying high-quality candidates! These activities would usually take an entire campaign lifetime to complete. But since K8 can perform these digital marketing tasks 220,000x faster than the average employee, this creates precious time for our Lightkeepers to provide personalised recommendations and ongoing feedback for clients on how to improve their campaign results.

So, what does it mean for our consultants?

More efficient practices

Firstly, gone are the days of digging through extensive spreadsheets to analyse data to make informed decisions. K8 allows the whole team to work more efficiently, focusing on digital transformation and strategic thinking rather than manual, time-consuming work that includes adjusting bids and monitoring performance.

With K8’s automated reporting, real-time data tracking of key metrics creates the perfect base for our consultants to efficiently identify opportunities and recommend solutions to optimise campaigns.

Less manual labour

Another great example of K8’s ability to create time-saving opportunities is in building dynamic hyper-localised ads for clients operating across multiple locations. Rather than relying on consultants to individually input postcodes in Facebook, K8 was programmed to create personalised ads that included specific messaging for the location in the ad text. Better yet, she can even check stock capacity in these locations before pushing ads. 

This feature resulted in a tremendous economy of time for our consultants, allowing them not only to focus on what’s was important, but also lead to better Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and an increased conversion rate for the client. Learn more about we take geotargeting to the next level with hyper-localised ads here.

At Lighthouse8, we strongly believe in collaboration for success. Powered by K8’s insights, our amazing team of experienced consultants around the world add their own magic touch to make each campaign a success.

Curious to learn more about digital transformation and how technology can help you save time? Contact us today for an obligation-free review of your digital activity!

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