The Only Four Questions to Ask Your Digital Partners

by Freddy Aursø

With thousands of marketing technology tools and many, many more agencies pooing up, it is no secret that digital marketing has become an integral part of every business’ marketing. Despite this saturation, one of the biggest challenges for anyone tasked with managing the marketing functions of a business is finding one that aligns with their interests. 

Aside from the usual channel partner requirements i.e. Google Partner, Facebook Partner, LinkedIn Marketing Partner – what sets a high-performing digital transformation partner aside is the ability to demonstrate the best combination of technology and people in a highly dynamic industry. 

With an eight-year history in digital prior to joining Lighthouse8, our APAC Managing Director Joe Fox shares his top considerations for businesses when considering who their digital partners should be. Whether you’re currently contracted or looking to expand your current capabilities; it doesn’t hurt to ask the questions which could save you value in the long run.


Are their results guaranteed?

One of the most important considerations to make before engaging any business expenditure is to demonstrate a return on investment ahead of engagement. For many CFOs, this has been the key differentiator, whether resigning an existing partner or approving a brand-new vendor. 

For us, this means applying our machine-learning technology, K8 (Kate) during the discovery phase to scrape data related to current activity. Leveraging our client experience across multiple industries, we can confidently provide the estimate of growth your business can expect from integration with this technology. Not only is this based on real historical data, but K8 will actually aim to beat performance over the long-term.


Is reporting confidently managed?

One of the big challenges most organisations also face is the need to provide readily available information to multiple stakeholders within the business, usually at short notice. Should you suddenly receive an invite to a senior management meeting, it is manual, time-sensitive task to present accurate data. If you already use a reporting dashboard, chances are that it is externally managed. This slows or disrupts the application of any insights from the campaign for optimisation. Furthermore, you’re not paying for it yourself, it’s likely your agency is picking up the tab and passing on to you at a premium. 

We believe that every client deserves a custom reporting dashboard demonstrating their specific KPIs, therefore that is just what we build. The data collected during the campaign life is automatically updated in real-time so you can be sure you have the most up to date information. Additionally, your dedicated account management contact means someone is on hand 24/7 to handle and address all onboarding and campaign-related queries.


Are they working with the latest tech tools?

Our internal research and development team is backed by The Research Council of Norway, one of the region’s leading innovation institutions. Therefore, it in our fabric that we are consistently working to develop new advances that add value in the AI/machine learning/robotics space. On top of that, the flexibility of an in-house team allows us to develop tailored solutions for our clients that help achieve their own digital transformation goals.


Is decision making done in real-time?

Robot process automation can automate several of the functions traditionally performed by traditional digital marketing agencies including campaign monitoring, analysis, optimisation, testing and reporting. When the basic level decisions such as bid management, allocation and adjustments are made autonomously and at speed, staff can focus their productivity on more value-adding tasks that drive deeper customer engagement. After all, who doesn’t want to spend their day working on more creative projects, when a robot could be picking up the slack for you. The addition of business intelligence capabilities such as those Lighthouse8 develops (i.e. competition and trend monitoring) provide you with important insights to make strategical and tactical decisions based on data.

Finally, an international presence is a key component for medium and larger organisations transacting in multiple regions. With a 24-hour working day, the digital team is essentially operating around the clock to ensure even more efficiency for the client. Not only does this enable the hiring of a varied talent pool but tasks can also be expedited when it comes to crunch time. At Lighthouse8, we have offices in the UK, Scandinavia and across the APAC region, with more planned for growth!

The balance of power has shifted from companies into the hands of customers. Armed with a constant stream of information your business is empowered to meet them and their point of need.

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