Expanded Text Ads – Will they Lead to Better Performance for your Business?

Lighthouse8 was one of the few companies selected to beta test the new Expanded Text Ads (ETA) feature. With nearly 50% more ad text available and an additional headline, this new ad type is designed to maximise your presence across search results and drive more qualified leads to your website. Please read our blog post “Lighthouse8 selected to beta test the new product updates from Google Performance Summit 2016” to find out more.

Experiences & Results

After testing the new ad type for almost 5 months now, we are excited to share our experiences, results and insights with you. Results vary from client to client however, we have seen a positive increase in CTR for almost all of our clients. The expanded text ads have on average a 39.62% better CTR for our clients than the standard text ads. Additionally, we discovered that some of our clients’ best performing expanded text ads have had a 237 % higher CTR than the regular text ads in the same campaign.

Although most of our clients experienced a positive increase in CTR, a few clients actually saw a small decrease in performance. Whilst it’s not a significant decrease, it is enough to show that the new ad type doesn’t guarantee an increase in performance. We have therefore gathered some tips on how you can make the most of your expanded text ads to drive performance.



How to Make the Most of your Expanded Text Ads

Studies have shown that if you only add an additional headline to your existing text ads when creating new expanded text ads, you can experience a decrease in performance. Don’t simply add another headline, utilise the additional characters to say something new. Focus on what makes your product or service unique and test a new call to action!

While expanded text ads don’t automatically improve performance, they do give you more characters to play with, which gives you more space to appeal to the customer’s emotions. In conclusion, write entirely new ads, analyse the performance over time and continually optimise to drive performance.

Expanded text ads are an opportunity your business should utilise to its fullest!

Please contact our media team at mayday@lighthouse8.com to find out how your business can benefit from using expanded text ads.