According to a recent study by ComSCore, Video content attracts 2-3 times as many monthly visitors as traditional written content. It also boosted the organic search traffic with +157% for the companies in the study. Estimates indicate that video content will become increasingly important over the next couple of years, and will drive 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Will it blend?

Commercial blenders might not be that exiting, but what you can do with them is! Tom Dickinson, the founder of BlendTec got the idea for after blending a box of matches. Since then, he has blended just about anything you should NOT put into a blender; iPhones, iPads, camcorders and his wife’s credit cards to name a few. The success of BlendTec has led to a series of cross brand campaigns with companies like Apple, Budweiser where he blended their products. For Tom and BlendTec their video content is the key to their online sales success.

Following up on our previous blog post on how video drives sales, we’ve made the following infographic on the most popular content channels for promoting video content in 2014.

Lighthouse8 Video content marketing


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Freddy Aurso, MD Lighthouse8