Google describes Artificial Intelligence (AI) as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence”. For some, that sounds like something from the next century. For others, it’s very much here; Apple has Siri, Amazon has Kiva robots and here at lighthouse8 we, too, have embraced AI with our very own K8 (Kate). K8 is a marketing robot that has had a significant impact on our organisation to date, performing hundreds and thousands of tasks every day, saving our team time and clients money.

Changing the workflow

K8 helps us build, streamline and automate workflows and marketing campaigns. Furiously collecting information from feeds and social media platforms, analysing this data and pushing out information or developing reports. Tasks that normally take hours are solved in seconds. This means that our consultants devote more time to strategy, high-level decisions, market research and working closely with clients.

Creating new opportunities

K8 was initially developed to manage one of our largest client accounts.  She created hundreds of unique, customised Google AdWords campaigns each day. In one day she can create over half a million ads, targeting millions of keywords, each tailored and highly relevant to the end viewer.  When the target audience searched for an event on Google, our clients’ brand was there, at the top of the search results, with an ad matching exactly what they searched for, directing them straight to a custom-built landing page. For our client, the results were beyond impressive, gaining reach and clicks never seen before.

The estimated daily management of a project similar could take us more than 37 hours on such a detailed level of new campaigns, ads and keywords. However, for K8 this task was carried out in seconds!

K8 brings our day to day optimisation and account management to a whole new level.

Inspiring team members and clients

Clients searching for an edge to increase their operational efficiency and grow revenue faster, K8 is the perfect solution. Artificial intelligence shouldn’t be feared, it allows our clients to reduce human errors, interact faster with customers, create personal ads and make smart decisions on every step of the customer journey. K8 sits as a team member in lighthouse8, to help us do the impossible, test new services and help us come up with campaign concepts we never dreamed of without her. K8 can also be a source of inspiration for our clients as well. Working together with our talented media team, she can monitor websites, analyse vast amounts of data and have your marketing campaigns react to changes in the market within a fraction of a second.

Big or small, old or modern, local or global; K8 helps our clients generate more leads, higher ROI and increase operational efficiency no matter what kind of business they have.


Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change – Stephen Hawking


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About Lighthouse8

Lighthouse8 is an international engineering company specialising in marketing robots development, business intelligence and performance marketing. Our teams in Europe and APAC work with some of the world’s leading companies to optimise online business performance and create business value. Founded in Sydney, Australia, the company was named one of the fastest growing companies in Australia at the Smart Company, Smart50 awards in 2014. Since then the company has expanded into Singapore, Scandinavia and now the UK market.