Using AI for Business Banking Growth

“We are proud to have made an innovative choice by partnering with Lighthouse8. By challenging traditional thinking, we have achieved results that have been paramount to our business.”



Storebrand is a financial services company which strives to integrate sustainability in everything they do, technology being no exception. In January 2019, they pursued AI-based machine learning to maintain their continuous growth, making K8 a part of their internal marketing team.


K8’s role centred around the optimisation of keyword marketing processes by performing analyses, adjusting bids, monitoring campaigns and allocating budgets. During the campaign period, she performed over 220,293 analyses and made 76,720 changes to Google Ads based on historical data and competitor monitoring.


This lead to a 3% increase in conversion rate from the previous period. This equals a 34% increase in revenue from potential customers choosing Storebrand’s search ads.

In addition to increasing revenue, the number of sales, and the number of unique visitors, the client also saw a 44% increase in the average Click Through Rate (CTR) and 7% decrease in average Cost Per Click by utilising K8’s unique skills.

Before collaborating with Lighthouse8, Storebrand set themselves the target to achieve a 10-15% improvement in performance compared to the previous year. With an ROI of 17%, this project has proven to be very profitable for Storebrand.

More Results

  • 45% increase in revenue for savings accounts
  • 56% increase in revenue for insurance products
  • 158% increase for health insurance
  • 158% increase in revenue for general banking products

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