The future of retail – Scandinavia´s leading hardware chain

Using data-driven technology to effectively manage ad accounts.


Lighthouse8 recently commenced a pilot for Byggmakker, one of the Nordic region’s leading home improvement retailers. With over 50 locations regionally, the client sought to increase their digital presence by specifically making it easier to for customers to complete an online order before collection at the nearest store.


Our goal was to increase traffic to physical stores, increase revenue and improve loyalty through personalised targeting and communication for the client. The first step in this was to introduce them to the AI-powered Robot Process Automation technology, K8 (Kate).

Starting with their Google Ads account we conducted an initial performance analysis before making changes to the account in order to facilitate AI and technology-driven management. This technology was linked to their Google Ads accounts to streamline campaign management and automate all relevant activities. K8’s primary role was to specifically increase engagement on their Click & Collect solution and inspire people to visit Byggmakker’s physical stores.


Over a three month period, the K8 technology had a tremendous impact on their digital campaigns:

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