Sports Marketing – by Players for Players

How K8 is maximising results with instant data automation, by working at the speed of light!


The sports betting industry is extremely regulated in Scandinavia and as a result, most marketing channels are required to comply with a set of rules. Therefore, Twitter has been one of the most important channels for the client to successfully engage and retain customers.


For over seven years, Lighthouse8’s K8 machine learning technology assisted in day-to-day social media management; creating engagement through tweets and direct messages. She also performed analyses, informed on and set strategies for Twitter and other social media platforms, and reported on key metrics.


The client’s Twitter followers increased by over 18% – purely by posting high quality, organic content. No paid ads, no follow-for-follow tactics. Organic impressions increased by 14% while the average number of impressions per tweet were increased by 56%. Overall, account engagement went up by 109%.

More results

The client has the largest follower base on Twitter amongst its competitors. Followers are regularly reviewed by unfollowing and/or blocking fake or spammy accounts to make sure they don’t harm the feed, other followers or the statistics.

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