Infrastructure – Increasing lead generation through automation

“We were very impressed with the number of high quality leads generated by Lighthouse8’s K8 technology, especially over a usually quiet period. In addition, we found working with the team an easy process that kept us updated throughout.”

Marketing Manager


The client builds infrastructure projects across a number of industry sectors. To increase awareness in their focus areas, they sought a campaign that would directly grow their database with relevant decision markers based on their strategic objectives. This database would be targeted using their own marketing material to achieve its strategic goals.

The client’s strategic objectives were designed to generate work across all divisions for its various infrastructure clients in the Government and Semi-Government sectors, specifically focusing on companies and individual consultants


Lighthouse8 built a LinkedIn campaign starting with the client’s target locations and nuanced to seniority level, decision-making capability. These clients were focused on the following priority industries:

  • Water
  • Defence
  • Government
  • Off-Shore

K8 was specifically applied to assist in the management of the client’s campaign media budgets based on performance. Using her bid adjustment feature, greater shares of the budget could be autonomously allocated to target segments with the best rates of response.


During the campaign period for this client;

  • Lead generation increased by 62%
  • Conversion rate increased by 24% for the client
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) was improved by over 50% of the LinkedIn benchmark reported for Q4 2019* (Avg. CTR = 0.22%).
  • Overall website traffic is up by 35% since starting the campaign
  • As a result of the campaign, the number of new users to the client’s website was increased by 47% and they also saw a 26% boost in organic traffic.

*Using Benchmark Numbers from Adstage’s Q4 2019 study

More Results

  • Client traffic from LinkedIn more than doubled, demonstrating its position as the best converting channel for the target audience.
  • The client achieved 320,000+ high-quality impressions over the course of the campaign, demonstrating improved brand awareness (leading to higher organic results), improved brand name retention, and increased brand recognition.

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