Recruitment 2.0: How our AI is changing the industry

Over the past few years, the human resources industry has quietly buzzed around the topic of data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruiting process. From what we see, the adoption of such technology has steadily grown in line with new advancements and capabilities.

Unlike many digital trends which come, stay and leave, the application of algorithm-based technology is one phenomenon that is here to stay. The applications of AI as a tool have found use in many other industries and recruitment is no different, both for job seekers and employers.

For talent acquisition professionals, the time spent on screening resumes and effectively identifying candidates is a task that many consider the hardest part of their roles. This contributes to a slow and extensive process, which in turn hinders one´s ability to effectively make hires.

Enter K8, to take on the challenge! She is specifically designed to speed up the process, ensuring you’re focusing on matching the right candidates to the right vacancies, in any given geographical location. All this at lightning speed to save hours of manual research time – 11,882 hours a day!

Setting Up Job Ads

From the recruiter’s side, the whole process of creating ads can be automated – from the logo to image selection and criteria selection. Banner placements can then be customised to target websites or industries on social platforms. To save you having to monitor their effectiveness, a tool like K8 will do the work required to ensure the ads run at specific times for optimal effect. All vacancy reporting is then presented to you for you to figure out next steps.

Identifying Candidates

recruitment interview

K8 can go even further by presenting you with a dashboard of potential candidates based on a simple set of keyword criteria. She can also perform the necessary digital background checks required before you move them on to the next stage.

“She frees up our partners from the more mundane tasks.”

Patrick Gjønnes, Head of Technology and Partner Visindi

AI is also enhancing the sophistication of job searches by picking up on nuances that may otherwise be missed – i.e. changes in titles, trending roles in the industry.

Reviewing Applications

With a huge volume of applications received for a single position, K8 can be utilised for the applicant matching process based on your pre-set qualification parameters. LinkedIn alone estimates that more than 12 million open job seekers are active at any given time. Once all applications are collected and reviewed, K8 presents the top candidates to you and makes decisions easier.

Despite concerns, AI cannot replace the value add of human judgement in this space. While it can collect and categorise data, it cannot match the ability of a person to decide if an individual is suited for a company.

Free your team for the burden of repetition by utilising data-driven expertise from machine-learning. With only a small amount of data input, machine-learning can do the mundane tasks allowing you to focus on productivity elsewhere.

Want to know more? Talk to us today about how we can also utilise the K8 technology to help grow your business.