Dynamic Landing Pages Increase Conversion Rates


The sports betting industry is extremely time-sensitive: the moment an event is over, revenue opportunities are gone. As a result, a single human can’t set-up thousands of campaigns to cover every sporting event every weekend. So, we set K8 (Kate) to do the hard work.


Working over 220,000 times faster than a human being over several months, K8 created over 60,000 dynamic landing pages, 9,392 campaigns and 48,135 ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google. The technology allocated budgets and ad-targeting to optimise for the highest possible ROI. This made it possible to cover both the main events as well as all the smaller niche events, generating some incredible results, and smashing set goals!


Covering up to 16 events across one weekend, K8 achieved:

    • Increase in Conversion Rate + 20%
    • Increase in New Depositing Players Rate +72%
    • Decrease in Cost per New Depositing Players (NDP) -34%.


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