Project Lightkeeper

by Freddy Aursø

The Lightkeeper Project

Most businesses today are aware of the huge potential that lies within the realm of data. However, where most businesses settle for the comfort of knowing that the data exists, few have actually developed a strategy on how to leverage the data available to them.  

At Lighthouse8, we are continuously evolving our automation-technology (K8) in order to collect-, comprehend- and activate data in a way that helps businesses to optimize their sales- and marketing efforts. Which brings us to our latest development; 

Drumroll, please!  

We are currently in the process of launching our most exciting offer to date. Combining our K8 technology with your data we’re enabling business intelligence on a whole new level. Whereas previous endeavours have seen advances in the automation of single services, Lightkeeper automates deliveries in online tracking, market-surveillance and competitor monitoring – all within an easy-to-use platform!

At this stage it is important to note that this is a technology platform that is under constant development. As a pilot-client you will therefore have the opportunity to positively shape the future development of the platform and its features. Lightkeeper relies on a symbiotic relationship between Lighthouse8 and our clients to provide as much value as possible.

Lightkeeper is now Pharos.

Moving into this new phase we had to make a decision regarding the name.  Pharos is lighthouse in ancient greek. It was even used as the name for one of the seven wonders of the world, the lighthouse in Alexandria.


Want to test the latest sales & marketing technology?

We’re currently searching for companies that wants to unleash the latest of sales & marketing technology to collect, analyse and active their business data. If this is you, please connect with Kate on LinkedIn alternatively, do it the old-fashioned way; Send an e-mail to;

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