Pharos by Lighthouse8 – Business Intelligence Platform

by Freddy Aursø

Get a competitive edge with the new Business Intelligence Platform

By now most businesses are aware of the huge potential that lies within the realm of data. However, few businesses go beyond the comfort of knowing the data exists and actually leverage it. What this means is that many businesses are navigating blindly when a compass – data – is readily available to them. This is why we developed Pharos.   

We’re not going to lie, there are a lot of analytics tools available today and your company might be using some already. The problem? 73% of companies spend more than one hour per day navigating from app to app.

Our technology changes this. With Pharos you can get a status on ALL your digital surfaces as well as gain insight inside and outside your company to better cope with challenges in the market. To put it simply; it will allow you to compare performance across platforms to better prioritize where to put your marketing spend. This means more sales for less money. Pharos will serve as a navigation system for the management team and can also serve as a tool for those of you that work in sales and marketing.

Getting started with Pharos, which started out internally as project Lightkeeper, is basically like hiring a team of digital marketing assistants and a data-analyst team to help you understand what actions you should make and how you should prioritise. Stop wasting media budget and get ahead of your competitors!

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Pharos is the perfect starting point to robotize the management of your sales and marketing. The platform provides you with valuable insights propelling substantiated operational and strategic decisions.

So what can you expect?

Here are some of the key features currently available within the platform:

Automated data collection and analysis
Pharos collects all relevant data from a range of platforms in one place to provide you with a detailed overview of all your digital surfaces. Our algorithms then analyse everything and tells you exactly what needs to be done.

🤖 Recommendations
Get prioritized actions for your digital marketing activities telling you how you can improve profitability. K8 goes through your marketing activities across channels to check if your account follows established best practices. Using this information she will give you a range of actions that you can implement to ensure your campaigns are performing at their best.

💡 Site Score
Pharos provides you with insights into how your website is performing in terms of performance, accessibility, essential SEO implementations and best practices. This allows you to see how to improve your website experience and get higher organic rankings so it’s easier for people to find your business and services.

💬  Annotations
Add context to important changes in data patterns by adding your own annotations on what happened on a specific date. Our digital marketing robot (K8) will automatically analyse and annotate your data to give the numbers context, so that you can easily understand fluctuations in your graphs and statistics.

🔎 Paid & Organic Synergies = Search Engine Domination
The platform combines data from your paid and organic search so you can easily get the most out of the synergies. By combining data, you will be able to focus your resources on the terms that are most relevant for your business. This will allow you to be smarter about your keyword targeting, make mutually beneficial website changes and boost your brand presence through paid and organic.

📈 Performance Indicators
Keep track of your progress towards your business goals with custom spending reports and performance indicators. Set a custom goal for the year or quarter to monitor your performance using Pharos. Annotations will help you determine which marketing activities will assist you in reaching your goals.   

Stay on top of your digital media spend by gathering all cost data from your platform-connected digital surfaces.  With up-to-date information about your spend, balancing the books has never been easier. Manually set a budget for each month or distribute a budget evenly throughout the year. If your billing is in different currencies we will automatically convert the cost into one, making it easy to evaluate cost across markets.

The budget burndown visualization will help you keep track of day to day expenses for the current month and help you understand whether you will go over- or under-spend this month.

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Leave your email and we’ll send you more information about how Pharos can simplify your digital decision making.

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