Is Your Conversion Data Lacking? With our K8 technology you would always know

by Freddy Aursø

Monitoring your conversions is a time-consuming job. For businesses where streamlined automation is key to achieving their digital transformation goals, the performance of such tasks often undermines their efforts.

After campaigns are set up (yet another laborious task), most tend to believe that certain actions can be automated through features such as Google Smart Bidding. Yet long term management still involves human resources to monitor that all is going well. This involves first logging into your AdWords account, before navigating to the conversion action section and taking the desired action to correct a problem. Sometimes, issues can be triggered by something as simple as not having cookies enabled when a customer completes a conversion on your site.

Lighthouse8 has developed a new feature as part of our technology stack, that makes having to continuously check that all conversions are firing a long-gone job.

It is called Conversion Monitoring, an automatic system to check if goal conversions are still active and performing at the expected level. Working in Google Analytics, it is part of the steps taken to ensure that the quality of the data that we provide to our clients, and ourselves is correct. The algorithm is run once a day to check for faults in the tracking of conversions. If an issue is detected, i.e. where the conversion drops to zero for a longer time than expected. stakeholders are immediately notified.

We have seen this ultimately reduce the time spent checking all conversion options, before looking for ways to troubleshoot options. Not only does this demonstrate Lighthouse8’s commitment to using machine learning to positively bring about new ways of work, but the implementation of this feature allows our team to focus on providing value to our clients.

Conversion Monitoring also supports our Dead Link Checker feature which will detect broken landing page links within Facebook and Google Ad accounts. In the past we have seen issues with clients migrating their websites where one or two pages are missing, this results in results not being tracked and conversions being missed due to the robot relearning.

To find out more about how we can help increase your online conversions and ensure they are tracking accurately, contact us!

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