All Investments in AI Start With BI

by Freddy Aursø

Like any other form of marketing, digital is about standing out from the crowd. When competing for clients, a combination of the right channel, audience and timing are crucial in delivering success and meeting your business objectives.

People change – so should your messaging

Our environment, societal and technological progress, the people around us, our thoughts, values and assumptions all add up into who we are and what we need.

One of the biggest challenges in any commercial industry is how to successfully identify, target and engage audiences. Today we are easily exposed to a number of new providers when considering digital platforms. Though this can leave customers spoilt for choice, the market is packed with companies of all sizes fighting over the same narrow attention span.

The advantage of AI in marketing

Distributing your message through the right channel, to the right person, at the right time is the only way to get credible results today. Relevance is especially key in cutting through digital noise, but it’s hard to achieve. And, with hundreds of options and variables to consider, setting up a campaign targeting for several thousand unique individuals is a tough task for any human.

In comes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be the knight in shining armour – doing digital marketing tasks we want to do, but simply don’t have the time or mental capacity to complete. AI allows marketers to adapt and optimise digital messaging and distribution at a pace simply not possible even for the best of us humans.

What is AI without data?

Is it possible to simply switch from humans to AI-powered technology? The quick answer is no – we still need human experience, thoughts and ideas to base the initial learning algorithms on. At a later stage, humans will also control the settings and results. We also need one more thing; Business Intelligence (BI), without which our AI’s super robots just wouldn’t work.

Many of our clients are already utilising either Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook or other data collection platforms. But it is not enough to have this implemented on your website or app. To get the full potential of an AI investment, you need the right experience in data analytics to spot areas of success.

This is where the Lighthouse8 BI team comes in.

Garbage in – garbage out

Robots like our K8 technology need to learn from a structured data set in order to automate. Once this is collected, we can build the foundation for success. If you want to use AI in driving results, rather than just as hype word for marketing purposes, ensure you have good, clean and sufficient data. Otherwise, results will only be as good as your foundation. After all, as the saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”.

Invest in the foundation for long term success

An investment in AI is not a single task designed to give you all your results at once. It requires multiple processes starting with data collection into statistics, visualisations for human interpretation then repeating this step several times as K8 learns and the calculations becomes more complex.

As a business, if you are looking to skip the BI investment and head straight to AI, you won´t get the results you are after. Start off with a proper foundation through data collection, then structure it to feed the AI-based learning process. It may take some time, but at the end of the day this is one of the most important steps you can take to make AI work for you in the long term.

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