Our AI applied for a job and got hired!

by Freddy Aursø

Being a technology company, the referral from existing clients has always been our preferred door opener to a new project or a new client. Speeding up the growth of our international roll-out even faster, our brilliant Digital Transformation team wanted to change this, and came up with a solution where sales could be digitalised across the Lighthouse8 corporation.

Finding the right “person” for the job

The natural action for an organisation that wants to tackle a new challenge, is to staff up. “Let’s hire someone that can solve this problem”. From there the new required skill set is defined and the job vacancy is posted.

We would like to invite Kate McCloud to attend an interview with the marketing team at Scandic Hotels

Christian Gamsgrø, Commercial Director – Scandic Hotels

We have built an algorithm that monitors the job market and vacancies in all markets where we have an office. If a company is searching for skill sets that we know we can automate with our K8 technology, Kate writes and application and attaches her CV.

K8 can finish a work week in 0,68 seconds

The first thing you’ll notice if you receive an application from our robot, K8, is that she has a CV that is a little bit out of the ordinary. Her date of birth is 08.08.88, given in binary code, and her home address is the default IP address of a home network. She speaks 108 languages and she can finish a work week in 0,68 seconds.

Just to put that into perspective for you, this means that K8 can process the same amount of work that you do in a lifetime in approximately 27min and 16 seconds!

K8's CV - Lighthouse8's Robot

Want to know more about how our technology can help you enhance your sales and marketing? Please drop us a line at mayday@lighthouse8.com.

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