AI will achieve human levels of intelligence by 2030

by Freddy Aursø

MIT Published a List of the Megatrends That Will Shape the World in 2030. According to their study, we will see AI solutions like our own K8 technology achieve human levels of intelligence within the next 10 years!

What this means for your business

  • Acceleration: Not only does it seem that innovation is speeding up, it seems that it’s doing so exponentially. The investments you make in technology now, will have a profound impact on your future P&L.
  • There are solutions for many modern business issues, but the will for implementation and execution isn’t there. For example, we’ve known for years what is required to avert a climate catastrophe, yet many of the world’s leaders seem intent on maintaining the status quo.
  • These megatrends are one-way swings with no coming back. For example, it is unlikely the world over the next decade will become less impacted by AI, overcome resource scarcity, or be less transparent.

AI and machine learning will plan much of our lives and make us more efficient, well beyond choosing driving routes to optimise traffic. AI will create some new kinds of jobs but will also nearly eliminate entire segments of work, from truck and taxi drivers to some high-skill jobs such as paralegals and engineers.

What you can do 

The MIT study makes the following recommendations:

  1. Consider the human aspect of business more. Technology, in particular artificial intelligence, will impact the entire workforce and disrupt industries like health care and transportation. But adoption must be done humanely. Business leaders should keep in mind the human cost of adoption.
  2. Embrace transparency. You don’t have a choice–each generation in the workforce is demanding more and more transparency.    
  3. Listen to the next generation. In 10 years, most Millennials will be in their 40s, Gen-Z will be in their 20s, and together these groups will make up the vast majority of the workforce.  

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