If you’re a business who completely disregarded the “updated” part of the title of this post and thought we were telling you to get on social media in 2018; Stop reading this, go make a Facebook page, Twitter or an Instagram profile and then continue reading.

Having profiles on all, or some, of the social media channels just doesn’t cut it anymore, and although we might not be the best example of keeping our social media profiles up to date, we always make sure our clients do.

“Why do we need to update our social media, we’re super busy doing other stuff!?”

Social Media Presence Isn’t Enough

You wouldn’t be following influencers if they posted once a month or even once a year. Maybe not even your friends (sorry!), so you definitely wouldn’t be following a brand if they lacked frequent content. Social media for a business is all about growing your audience or customer base and showcasing what you can offer them. Social media might not seem important lots of the time, but when releasing a new product or offering a new service you want to tell your trusty followers first and they won’t be there unless you’ve done your homework.

It’s Free Marketing!

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the biggest channels of free advertisement? The amount of work it takes to keep a profile updated is still going to be way cheaper than the second-best alternative, so why not take the 15 minutes or so it takes to create content.  

Search Engine Optimization

Want your business to be found on the big search engines? Sometimes a blog or a plain website aren’t enough for your target audience to visit, especially if your competition has 7/10 links on the front page of the search they’re looking for. Search engines will prefer you for search terms if you’ve got some good online content (read: Amazing social media presence). In terms of the Familiarity Principle, we prefer things we are familiar with and thus if your competitors name pops up more frequently than yours, guess who people will be throwing their money at? Not you, so go be active on social media.

Personifying Your Brand

A professional website says little about who you are as a company, that’s why keeping your audience updated on the business via social media is key. Updating your social media audience on the ins and outs of the business gives your business a voice and strengthens the relationship between your brand and your customers making them more likely to choose you over your competitors. Take that, competition!

“So how can we fulfil our businesses social media needs, we don’t have the money for a social media manager?!”

Be Realistic

Unless you’ve got a dedicated social media team there’s little chance that you have time to be active on all the social media channels. Finding out where your target audience spends most of their digital time and focusing your social media efforts on one or two of those platforms is plenty.

Make a Schedule

Play around with different times and days of the week when posting to find out which times your audience are most likely to respond to your posts.  When you’ve hit that magical unicorn of a time, stick to it and make sure to post around the same time every week/day depending on what you can handle.

Give Everyone a Shot at Pulling the Sword Out of the Stone Until You’ve Found Your Arthur

Arthur in this case is super savvy when it comes to social media. They’re hiding somewhere in the office doing some super important job, and when you finally find them they’ll take care of social media too. Basically, pick one or two people who can dedicate their time to some social media work on the side to keep stuff organized. It’s way less dramatic than it sounds.