We have a pretty great workplace if we can say so ourselves. Whether we’ve come from straight from university and part time jobs or a previous digital workplace, we can all pretty much agree that Lighthouse8 is one of the best companies we’ve ever worked for. It definitely comes from a lot of factors, but we’re a fan of the number 8, so we’ve highlighted the top 8 secrets to our great work environment below!

1.     Mutual respect
We felt like this one could go without mentioning, but then again it might be the main watering hole for the whole team spirit thing that we’ve got going on. If only one thing leads to a great work environment, it’s respect. We respect each other equally, regardless of culture, beliefs and background. This doesn’t mean we’re boring and don’t like to joke around with colleagues every now and then, we love a good prank.

2.     Open floor plan
All our offices operate in an open floor plan environment. We found it worked best that way as it’s a lot easier to bounce ideas off each other and not feel confined to cell-like conditions for 8 hours a day. This has also contributed to our close friendships with our colleagues. We also have multiple meeting/working rooms (with a view) that people can head to if they want more privacy or need to make a phone call, everybody needs a little privacy sometimes.

3.     Humour
We’ve had our fair share of “The Office” moments, very much thanks to our funny co-workers. Although funny isn’t part of the job description, we somehow managed to employ some hilarious people over the last 5 years. This has led to some ridiculous inside jokes, funny pranks and a whole lot of meme sharing… which brings us on to the next “secret”…

4.     Slack
After adopting slack as part of our internal communications, we’ve saved a lot of time and tedious walks to our co-workers’ desks asking them to check out the basecamp post or important email we sent 45 minutes ago.  As well as discussing campaigns and budgets, we’ve also shared recipes, hilarious and plain stupid memes and planned who’s buying snacks for our Thursday chill-out session.

5.     “Thursday cuddles”
This is an inside joke as what is known as “Torsdagskos” in Norwegian, doesn’t translate very well. So we’ll call them chill out sessions. Every Thursday we buy/make some delicious snacks foods and just chill out for 30 minutes having a laugh with our co-workers. This is a good way to re-charge for the last leg of the week, Friday. It’s brought as all a lot closer, so we totally vouch for it!

6.     Snapchat groups
Our offices have their own snapchat groups. Obviously, it’s not a requirement to be part of it, but it’s a nice way to get a peek into our co-workers lives and bond over annoying weather conditions and naughty pets.

7.     Facebook groups
We also have an internal facebook group where we share useful (business seminars, articles, blog posts) and useless information (how to make a cake that looks like an avocado, rubber chickens singing “Despacito”, you get the drill). Like snapchat, it’s a nice way to communicate after hours and share weird stuff we know our co-workers will enjoy.

8.     After-hours events
Yes, we hang out after hours. Not because we have to, but because we want to. If you take a look at our social media profiles you’ll find photos of overseas Christmas parties, escape rooms, shuffleboarding and beer as well as team kayaking trips. Most of this is funded by our swear jar, an initiative to stop swearing as much at the office which, after 5 years, is still filled to the brim on a regular basis. (Thanks, Maren!)


About Lighthouse8

Lighthouse8 is an international engineering company specialising in marketing robots development, business AI and performance marketing. Our teams in Europe and APAC work with some of the world’s leading companies to optimise online business performance and create business value. Founded in Sydney, Australia, the company was named one of the fastest growing companies in Australia at the Smart Company, Smart50 awards in 2014 and has continued to grow at an impressive rate. Since the start-up in 2012, the company has expanded into Singapore, Scandinavia and now the UK market after being selected for the 2016 Tech City UK Executive Accelerator.