If you watched the newest season of Black Mirror over the holidays you may want to steer clear of anything trying to predict the future for a little while, because every small technological advance that seems amazing always has terrible consequences. Fret not, 2018 doesn’t seem to be a year of too many crazy technological advances, but who are we to say, we don’t know what Elon Musk’s plans are this year. We just want to bring you some news about the marketing trends you’ll be seeing more of and hopefully implementing yourself in 2018.


Your business doesn’t necessarily need its own app to succeed in 2018, but taking advantage of advertisement on existing apps is definitely the way to go. As people are relying more on their mobile phones than ever before, a customers daily weather check could mean big profits if you’ve done your share of targeting. You don’t need to change up your entire marketing campaign to implement app-advertisement as it can easily be done in Facebook business manager and Google Adwords.

Influencer networks

We hate to bring them up, but how much money would the Kardashians really make without their social media accounts? We have no idea, but we’re guessing a lot less than they currently do. Imagine if you could be guaranteed 50k – 1m+++ impressions for a set price, the ad only being viewed by prime members of your target audience. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Influencer marketing was a huge thing in 2017, but with more influencers rising on the digital scene every day, 2018 is going to be an even bigger year for it. Why compete for expensive ad space when you can utilise someone else’s loyal following?


If you don’t already have one, get one now! That is not a threat, but a piece of friendly advice… you can thank us later. In 2017 we started creating chatbots for some of our larger clients as, less than 2 years from now, they’ll be the norm. Chatbots take the strain away from customer service and allows a brand to interact with consumers on a personal level. It allows customers to gain information about products and services and even purchase goods without leaving the platforms that they use 90% of the time they’re on their phones. Chatbots allow for convenience for both parties and we can all agree that convenience is and has always been a goal for the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Despite Stephen Hawking’s concerned outlook on artificial intelligence (Read: “AI could be the worst event in the history of our civilisation”), marketing giants Facebook and Google, as well as many smaller companies, are investing large amounts of money and time into the development of AI. The motivation for AI development varies, but in most cases, comes down to automatisation of tasks, thus saving precious time and money. With Facebook and Google both in the race to develop more advanced AI technology in 2018, we’ll be seeing the concept a lot more frequently this year. At Lighthouse8 we’ve been working on AI technology since 2012. Meet K8, she’s about to improve your marketing campaigns.

Biometric Targeting

As we’re on the topic of predictions; we’ve got our sight set on biometric targeting for 2018. Read up, kids!

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