Ranking in Google is like trying to be the coolest kid on the playground. You want to have all the best stories (content) and have everyone want to be like you (backlinks). Lighthouse8 has begun an outreach program for one of Australia’s biggest brands – giving them an edge over their competition.

If you have ever been the little guy too short to reach the monkey bars, then you know it isn’t easy to be the cool guy, which is why Lighthouse8 now offers Outreach Programs for clients. We bring out the stepping stool, give you some serious social status and help you tell stories in a way that gains attention.


So what makes outreach so important?

Google tells us that the two top ranking factors are the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site and content. Of course, you need to have all the elements of a good website, but these days, standing out from the competition is about how authoritative your site is.

“Want to rank without a blog or content hub? Want to rank with a website with no backlinks? Good Luck Chuck.”

Now, it can probably be done, but why take the hard road when Google has set the path for us? Devote your website to the user, give them quality, unique, helpful information and lots of it. Then, make sure your content is getting promoted and if you really get the content right, you can sit on the top of the slide, and watch the links roll in.


Bringing on the Blackmores backlinks

blackmores: outreach

Lighthouse8 has now begun an Outreach Program for Blackmores Australia, the most trusted brand in natural health. In just a matter of weeks, the Blackmores Website’s Domain Authority (DA) has improved by 6%, increasing their DA lead on their biggest competitor. In addition, by optimising a piece of content for the user and backlinks, this page began ranking for 100 more (relevant) keywords/key phrases than the month before, leading to higher traffic potential. So, what does a giant company like Blackmores need in terms of outreach?

The same thing every company needs – a dedicated outreach team. Having a team that understands ranking, the effects of a link – both good and bad – and is keeping up to date with changes in the playground rules, makes a big difference.

“Google is the king of the playground”

Do the words “Penguin” and “Panda” mean anything to you? If they don’t, then getting a team that will keep up with these updates and algorithms should be your next step. Link development is not something to throw yourself into without being clear on the rules. Turns out, Google is the king of the playground, so you only get to be popular if you follow their guidelines. Stray too far away and they will kick you off, and make sure no one can find your website in SERPs – ouch.


Starting an Outreach Program

For those that are delving into the world of content, links and social engagement, there is a lot of different opinions on how to go about it. The most important thing to remember is to always, (always!) begin by reading Googles linking guidelines and stay up to date with the Penguin algorithm. Lighthouse8 not only has a team doing just this, but also is a verified Google Partner, meaning we have access to the beta versions of googles technology before the rest of the crowd. If you want to put your business ahead, be sure to pick a digital partner that is too.