Here at Lighthouse8 we’re very excited about the future and are working around the clock to create the technologies of tomorrow. We’ve already managed to simplify and automate data analysis, website monitoring as well as adapting campaigns to changes in the market automatically with the creation of K8. But we’re eager for more challenges, and it seems like Apple are about to make it happen for us through the collection and use of biometric data.

Wednesday the 6th September 2017, our CEO, Freddy Aursø, will take the stage at ‘Nit’s’ business-breakfast to talk about the future of marketing, more specifically biometric data and how it will affect the way we reach consumers in the future.

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About Lighthouse8

Lighthouse8 is an international engineering company specialising in marketing robots development, business intelligence and performance marketing. Our teams in Europe and APAC work with some of the world’s leading companies to optimise online business performance and create business value. Founded in Sydney, Australia, the company was named one of the fastest growing companies in Australia at the Smart Company, Smart50 awards in 2014 and has continued to grow at an impressive rate. Since then the company has expanded into Singapore, Scandinavia and now the UK market after being selected for the 2016 Tech City UK Executive Accelerator.