Months from now we can see it happening, Facebook announce the release of pre-roll ads on uploaded videos. Although *there is no official announcement as yet, there has been some attempts with iRoll. The main focus is that Facebook have ticked all the boxes to ensure their content is placed perfectly to the target audience.

Facebook’s ad revenue forecasts are unpredictable at the moment and with over 1 billion video views a day this could be the right time for Facebook to push even harder.


Currently Facebook users are automatically signed into auto play videos while scrolling their news feed, starting videos once a browser pauses / hovers on a video. It is unsure how it will be possible to charge for this and what sort of Click fraud numbers would be seen but here but it will change the on the sequence in which video content is displayed. Youtube videos now provide a catch first 5 seconds to ensure you don’t click the dreaded ‘Skip this ad’ button. With Facebook, will this be more about brand exposure and pushing tag lines first in shorter, possibly 5 second videos, with more brand centric messaging?

With the recent updates to Facebooks Privacy Policy to pretty much collect all your browsing data – establishing them into the largest DMP in the world it could open up the door to re-targeting re-roll ads something YouTube is yet to master, despite Googles update to create re-marketing lists in Google Analytics.

With all Social Platforms now engaging in advertising, including the recent news of Snapchat entering the market, Facebook are certainly the biggest Paid Social Media Network with extensive growth over the past few years especially in the Mobile Ad revenue space:


Facebooks engagement results are much higher and as Facebook are seeing Fewer YouTube Videos, the success of this could drive more success from YouTube videos.

The general feeling we have is Facebook will announce this in the coming months however seeing Pre-roll videos on premium video providers such as Vimeo is something we would hope not to see at any time in the future.