Lighthouse8 attended the Google’s Partner program conference that was run early this week in Sydney. 15 event veteran of the Google Analytics Partner program, David Booth, lead the talk with some interesting updates not only for Adwords but some great updates for GA eCommerce too. Here’s a few to look out for in the coming weeks.

  1. Advanced eCommerce’s Conversion Tracking

    eCommerce tracking has never been a strong point of Google Analytics but new advancements mean Google Analytics will shortly be able to track those critical metrics to improve your conversion funnel.From the brief summary a few of these are:

    1. Basket size
    2. Purchase funnel steps
    3. Advanced Category and Product information including SKU
  2. Ad extensions and Ad Copy

    The call-outs extension has been out a while and allows for 4 call-outs under ad descriptions. Going forward Google will also decide if the second Description line in your mobile ad copy is relevant and if not it will not show the second line to potential users therefore emphasising the importance of having the first line optimised to attract users.

  3. Location based PLAs

    A new feature of PLAs to for bricks and mortar stores. Adding an extra description and information about how closet the product is to a user’s location.

  4. Ad Customisations

    Ad customisations is something many other Bidding Techs have included for customising ads based on a feed. This update allows for ads to be dynamically populated using a csv.

  5. Retargeting lists

    Retargeting lists isn’t a recent update but it was an import topic for advertisers to realise the full potential. By loading CRM data it is possible to create lists and retarget your users across channels and combined with the ad customisations is very powerful. A great way to take clients to the next step by further combing CRM, Retargeting and customisation.

  6. Upload Data to GA

    Again, this was not a new update to GA but uploading your custom data to GA allows for advanced segmentation to report, create re-marketing lists across AdWords and the GDN.

Overall a great day to meet some digital experts at the Google’s Partner program conference and for companies to continue growing their relationship with partners in the industry further.