2015 planning meetings, client briefs and agency alignment meetings are all in full swing. Client goals, product unique selling points (USPs), market analysis and segmentation, target demographics on sample population polls have been undertaken and decided upon are laid out to a range of agencies.

Agencies and marketing departments are aligning spend, production costs and TV schedules, billboards, display advertising buys are being planned out.


Times have changed – If you are still spending the majority of your resources on TV and other forms of interruptive advertising, you need to dramatically shift your focus.

Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing time and time again but expecting a different result? The strategies you have undertaken for the past couple of years will not work moving forward.

Audiences demand experiences that provide all of the rational and emotional information they desire. They want to be empowered and the entire consumer journey needs to be optimised. You need to put more emphasis on earned and owned media than paid media. Why not use your own proprietary data and reduce the amount that you entrust to your media agency. Stop retrofitting tired strategies for today’s technologies.

You know your customers, you know what they like and dislike, you know how to engage with them to create a meaningful experience. The data is in your systems already you just need to unlock its value and use it.

  • You tie together your customers to a single customer ID or email address
  • You can calculate your customers true life time value
  • You can segment your customers into buckets or audiences and market to the right high value people
  • You can create meaningful relationships and personalised messages to your customers

The winning companies of 2015 will be building their audience, not buying it

The knowledge, data, technology and success stories are there – it’s up to you to trust your gut and deploy strategies that do something about it.

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