Some interesting results around what digital marketing channel actually works have been published by content marketing firm BrightEdge. After analysing “billions of pieces” of content, claims organic search is the primary driver of website traffic to business sites, while social barely generates a blip on the traffic radar.

The BrightEdge study found organic search drives 51 percent of all visitors to B2B and B2C websites, trumping all other non-organic search channels, including paid search (10%) and social (5%).

Traffic sources

Traffic Sources

BrightEdge went beyond breaking down traffic sources to examine how traffic is distributed by industry.

Traffic source by industry

Web Traffic Sources by Industry

When you look at this by industry there are some differences. According to the study, organic search traffic accounted for 73 percent of all traffic to companies in the business services sites. Where as retail industry sites had approx 40% of traffic from organic search.

The business services sector also received the least amount of traffic from display, email and referred compared to the other industries, gaining less than 20 percent of its traffic from the three sources combined.

Traffic source by revenue by industry

Revenue Per Traffic Source by Industry

When comparing the ratio of traffic to revenue, things equal out a bit more, with display, email and referred sources capturing a larger share of revenue than organic for the media and entertainment industry.

So where should you be focusing your efforts?

From this report and from our own findings we recommend that you should invest heavily in a sophisticated SEO program to ensure that your site is capturing all of your available traffic through organic search.

The paid component is a little more difficult and we recommend that you look at how each channel converts through to how your business deems success (leads / sales) and what is the return on investment (ROI) achieved.

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