Recruiting the right talent has never been more important. In a knowledge economy, recruiting the right people is the key to any successful business and the single most effective way to increase the company’s performance. According to a recent article in Forbes by George Bradt, there are only 3 true job interview questions worth asking. All the other questions are simply deviations and follow-ups of these three questions.

Can you do the job?

The first thing we often do in an interview situation is to get a clear picture of the candidates background, experience, education, previous positions and the choices they have made to get where to they are today. This will tell you a lot about their strengths and how this matches the needs of your company. What we want to know is; can you do the job?

Will you love the job?

Working in business engineering, we often get involved in recruitment processes where the company is looking for a very specific talent. But finding the right talent is not good enough. We always have to look at the match between the needs of the company and the needs of the candidate. Will the new job match the challenges the candidate is looking for? Will this be the right next step for him/her? All these questions boils down to the second of the 3 true interview questions; Will you love the job?
Steve Jobs

Can we tolerate working with you?

The third question is the main reason why you can’t leave the entire recruitment process to an external recruitment company. Before you hire or get hired, you should always have to pass the last hurdle; meeting the top executives or stakeholders of the company. In order to recruit the right candidate for the job, you will need to have inside knowledge about the company culture, the work environment and the existing team they are going to be a part of.  About 40 percent of senior executives leave organizations or get fired within the first 18 months. This is not because they’re dumb, or don’t have the right motivation; it’s because a lot of times culturally they may not fit in with the organization or it’s not clearly articulated to them as they joined.

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