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Plug in K8 to digitally transform your business. Powered by advanced AI technology, K8 performs the tasks that you need most. Your focus is her focus.
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Meet the busiest member of our team; Kate (K8). Powered by our AI technology, Kate is the secret sauce to the marketing performance of some of the worlds most influential brands and companies. Programmed by our clever engineering team, she can monitor websites, analyse vast amounts of data and adapt our clients’ marketing to any changes in the market within a fraction of a second. Being a robot, Kate can do more in 27min and 17 seconds, than most people can do in a lifetime! Learn more about Kate here.


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Working with some of the world biggest eCommerce brands since 2004, we specialise in strategy development, campaign activation and analytics solutions across a wide range of industries. Covering multiple time zones, our team will work around the clock to service our clients.


Lighthouse8 has experience in strategy, technology and marketing activation across the Financial Services industry. We have helped numerous global brands take hold of the digital economy.


We have worked with some of the world’s leading travel booking sites, global hotel chains and global airlines to help them develop their digital strategies, technology decisions and digital marketing activation programs.


We have worked with multiple universities and educational providers to help them define their digital strategy, engage with their target audiences and grow their markets.


Our team is shaping the personal branding for Olympic champions, NHL hockey superstars as well as the digital strategy for some of the most trusted manufacturers and distributors of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements in the world.


The cars we drive say a lot about us. Working for the largest automotive company in the world, we have spent countless hours analysing their customer journey and getting under the hood of this rapidly changing industry.